F A Q 

What are the escrow fees when a home sells?

Transfer Fee = $300.00

2024 Annual HOA Dues = $198.00 (If not already paid)

2024 Annual Irrigation Dues = $231.00 (If not already paid)

Any previous years past due invoices still owing + 21% APR interest

Annual HOA and Irrigation dues cover from Jan 1 until Dec 31 each year


2024 Annual HOA Dues = $198.00

2023 Annual HOA Dues = $198.00

2022 Annual HOA Dues = $180.00

2021 Annual HOA Dues = $180.00

2020 Annual HOA Dues = $175.00

2019 Annual HOA Dues = $160.00

2018 Annual HOA Dues = $170.00

2017 Annual HOA Dues = $155.00

2016 Annual HOA Dues = $160.00

2015 Annual HOA Dues = $146.00

HOA annual dues invoices are mailed out at the beginning of the year. 

Irrigation invoices are mailed out after the beginning of Spring.

If the dues are paid for the year they are not due again until the next calendar year.

Invoices are not pro-rated.  

Invoices not paid on time do not receive the 50% discount, and they incur a 21% APR interest fee until paid.

Past due accounts are sent to our lawyer who deals with the collections process. 

Once an account has been sent to the lawyer, it is out of our hands. The lawyer will collect the amount owed as well as all legal fees.

ACHD Ustick Rd Widening Project

The proposed design includes widening the roadway to five lanes, and putting in a signal light at the entrance of BridgeTower Subdivision.

For more information about the project go here: 

Ten Mile and Linder Street Widening Project Information

Click on the links at the bottom for map pictures and all of the information. 

School Boundaries


Children from Fieldstone Meadows Sub began school at Linder Elementary, Meridian Middle and Meridian High when the subdivision was built.


The children switched to Ponderosa Elementary, Sawtooth Middle School, and Rocky Mountain High School as each new school was built.


New school boundaries were redrawn in 2015.


Elementary Schools: 

  • Ponderosa Elementary (Fieldstone Meadows Northern homes)

  • Meridian Elementary (Fieldstone Meadows Southern homes)

  • Barbara Morgan STEM Academy (limited enrollment)

  • Chief Joseph School of the Arts (limited enrollment)

  • Chaparral Elementary (Year Round school)

Middle School: Meridian Middle School

High School: Meridian High School

Current Attendance Areas by Grade Level (Type in your address):  School Attendance Areas

For complaints regarding barking dogs, contact:


Animal Care and Control - Idaho Humane Society  1-208-343-3166

Complaint form:  Idaho Humane Society Form

Have a complaint in regards to neighbors with:


Vehicles parked in the wrong direction

Vehicles blocking your mailbox or fire hydrant

Vehicles or trailers blocking stop signs

Anything that would be unlawful

Dogs off of leashes


Go to the city of Meridian website and fill out this form:

Code Enforcement Form


Have a street light out on the sidewalk near your home?

Go to this city of Meridian website. 

Put the address closest to the light in the search box. 

Click on the blue diamond indicating the light pole number. 

Verify that it is the correct light pole, and click 'Report Streetlight Issue'.

Street Light Outage Website Form


Where are the storm drains located?

2554/2588 Pebblestone Ct

 2779/2790 Pebblestone Ct

 2989/3032/3039/3054 Fieldstone Wy

 2981/3023/3060 Quarrystone Wy

 2436/2444 Park Stone Dr

 2813/2826 Old Stone Wy

 2739/2748 Whitestone Ct

 2687/2701 Old Stone Wy

 2669 Leann Wy

 2625 Waterstone Wy

 2408/2415/2438/2449 Maxie Wy

 2409/2441 Leann Wy

2448 Leann Wy