Irrigation Status


If the system is non-operational because of a leak, it will be noted below on this page.  If you need to - please water with city water when the system is non-operational. We have to shut the system down to do pipe and line repairs when they break.  We do not have control over line breaks.  The irrigation pipes are 28 years old - (1996).  The irrigation repair company does its best to order parts and make repairs ASAP Monday thru Friday. 

(If you have a geyser, it is most likely part of your sprinkler system, and not something on the main line... Main line breaks usually cause a large puddle or flood.)


Send an email to: 

I R R I G A T I O N    S T A T U S

  O P E R A T I O N A L 

05/03/2024 New pump house equipment has been installed. Irrigation water is available. (Please let your neighbors know.)

Please check your backyard when using the water for the first time - for puddles, bubbling water, ponds forming, anything indicating that you might have an underground leak. Please call 1-208-703-4370 ASAP if you notice anything like that.

Unfortunately, we are no longer able to send out mass emails to irrigation homeowners - as they bounce back labeled as 'spam' from the email providers.

This information has been posted on our subdivision Facebook page.

05/01/2024 Leak on Park Stone repaired. - New blue pipe is ready to be installed. When we are up and running, I will post here ASAP.
04/23/2024 Pump company turned on the irrigation water briefly. Major leak discovered on Park Stone. That should be repaired before the new pipe is installed.
04/22/2024 Pump company needs to order that large blue pipe below to replace the leaking one. Apparently the pipe is one that needs to be made to order for our system. 

Hopefully this will happen during the week of the 29th. They will replace / weld it into place when it arrives.

04/19/2024 There is a leak in the pump house. We are unable to turn on the pumps until it is repaired.

10/13/2023 Settler's Irrigation has been shut off for the year.

Irrigation water will be shut off 10/13/2023


There was a large one foot pond formed in the backyard of a home on Quarrystone Pl spreading into their neighbors yard. We shut off the water. 4 hours later they were able to access the area to make the repair. The water has now been turned back on.

04/21/2023 Water is available to everyone.

Call or email us right away if you notice any puddles or ponds forming in your back yard near your irrigation box / pipe.

04/21/2023 Reports have been coming in that there is no water available north of Whitestone. We turned on an additional valve and water is now available for homes on Whitestone and Park Stone.
04/17/2023 Irrigation water has been turned on.

A post was put on Facebook (to those that like our page) and the Nextdoor website (for members of that site).

04/03/2023 Settlers Irrigation has set that the water should be available for use starting sometime after the week of April 17th.
10/08/2022 Good news! Settlers Irrigation decided to extend the watering season due to extra water. They will shut off the water on Friday, Oct 14th.
06/08/22 Water leaking at 2455 Baystone. It was repaired today. The water has been turned back on.
05/18/22 All of the broken equipment in the pump house has been replaced. The water has been turned on and the lines are pressurizing. Every house should have access to water.

Call or email us right away if you notice any puddles or ponds forming in your back yard near your irrigation box.

05/16/22 Apparently Settler's irrigation turned off their water on May 9th. They claim to be turning it back on Wed May 18th. If we have water on the 18th, the pump company is going to try and bring up our system now that the new equipment has been installed.

The pump company has ordered all of the new equipment that is needed to make the pump house operational.  ($19,725)  Once it arrives they will do the installation.  Scheduled date for that is Mon 05/16.

05/05/22 We went to turn on the system and discovered that there is a pump issue in that they are not working. The pump company will do a diagnostic next week to see if they need to be repaired or replaced and where to go from there.

The access point was able to be repaired and that work has been finished. ($3,500) Settlers turned on our water again and there was no leak.

04/27/22 Settlers Irrigation turned on our water today, and our access point manhole vault in between their head gate and our pump house is leaking. An attempt to repair the crack in the concrete vault will start on Monday May 2nd. If it can not be repaired, it will need to be replaced.  Basically until we know more there is no ETA as to when we are going to have water in May.

I called Settlers Irrigation and they are going to turn on our water late next week. (Apr 27-29)  They said it is going to be a short season due to Idaho drought conditions. A later turn on date and earlier turn off date. Feel free to water with city water until our water comes in.

09/16/21 Settler's Irrigation has been shut off for the year.

In regards to when / why the water is being shut off now:

Fieldstone Meadows pays Settler’s Irrigation the same exact amount of money each year (what they bill us) regardless of the period length that we receive water. When figuring out the yearly budget, the board divides that dollar amount by the 91 homes on irrigation so that each home pays the same exact amount regardless of how much water they use, if our system is broken and no water is being released during repairs or the amount of water that we receive from Settler's is 60% to 100% etc...

The period of time that the water is available fluctuates from year to year based upon winter snowfall and spring / summer rain amounts. This year a lesser amount of snowfall and rain as well as excess heat earlier than usual leading to some evaporation has led to drought like conditions and less water being available for the entire district. This includes subdivisions, homes and farms.

This year the period that all of their customers are receiving water is from the dates that they post on their website which information we pass on to you here.

With climate change we can expect changes year by year as to when they turn on or turn off the water. You can see below how those dates fluctuate from year to year. Unfortunately, there is nothing that Fieldstone Meadows can do about when they decide to give us water and how much they decide to give us.

08/31/21 New repair has been completed. Water has been turned back on.
08/29/21 The water has been shut off once again. The prior repair is holding but another pipe nearby broke. It is in the process of being repaired.

08/24/21 Repair has been completed. Pump has been turned back on.
08/20/21 Main line brake on Park Stone. The pump house will be shut down until the water level goes down (it is currently 3' high) so that the technicians can repair the pipe. The pump house will be turned back on after the pipe is repaired.


Irrigation water has been turned on. 
A post was put on Facebook (to those that like our page) and an email was sent to homeowners that have irrigation (that we have an email address for).

09/30/20 Irrigation water will be shut off 10/09/20.
07/30/20 Repair is finished. Pumps have been turned back on and water is now available.
07/27/20 Water leaking at 2553 Park Stone. Repair scheduled to begin 7/29/20. Water will be shut off during the repair process.
04/24/20 Water in the pump house has been turned on and is currently available. (If there are any problems or leaks the system will be shut back down.)
04/23/20 Second repair completed. No leaking. Waiting for repair to set and then turning on water tomorrow.
04/16/20 Repair finished. Water still leaking. More research to be done. Second repair scheduled for 4/23/20.
04/09/20 Water leaking from access point behind pump house.  Water is currently turned off for 2020.  Repair scheduled for Wed 04/15/20.

Settler's Irrigation website says that irrigation water will be shut off by 10/07/19.

06/10/19 Settler's Irrigation has been called due to calls about lack of water. They have increased the water they are providing us.
06/06/19 Leak repaired. Water has been turned back on.
06/05/19 Main line leak at 2597 Park Stone. Water will be off during the repair.
04/23/19 Error message on pump house computer. Rebooted computer, everything working again.
04/21/19 Pump house has been turned on. Water is available.   (If there are any problems or leaks the system will be shut back down.)
09/29/18 Irrigation water will be shut off by 10/5/18.
07/31/18 All repairs have been completed. Normal flow and pressure have resumed.
07/22/18 Broken valve at 2487 Whitestone. System should be off only during the replacement of the valve on the 24th.
07/20/18 Broken line at 2821 Old Stone repaired. - Normal flow and pressure have resumed.
07/17/18 Homeowner that received email stated that he had a large puddle at 2511 Whitestone. However it appeared that the water was rolling downhill from a secondary source: 2821 Old Stone.

Checked the pump house again and noted that the pressure had dropped from 55 psi back to 40 psi making watering for those near the end of the line (Whitestone and Park Stone) very difficult. Everyone should have water, but some homes will have limited pressure. Recommendation at this time for homes with low pressure is to water by hand or to use city water with a hose until the problem is discovered and rectified.

07/16/18 Went to pump house - flow rate is still too high at 200 CFM (should be at 100 CFM) - (high likelihood of a leak somewhere). I reduced the opening of the valve to increase the PSI from 40 psi to 55 psi (should be at 60 psi) - drove around and 5 houses were watering. Sent email to all homeowners on the irrigation email list asking them to check to see if they had a leak in their backyard.
07/16/18 Settlers Irrigation has just checked the head gate and we are receiving the maximum amount of water allowed and the head gate is clear.
07/13/18 Multiple complaints about water continuing to shut off and on. Demand is exceeding supply. There has been no contact from any homeowners in regards to a leak that may be causing less water availability than usual.
05/01/18 Break repaired, pumps have been turned back on and everyone should have water.
04/27/18 Line break in the drainage pond between 2826 Old Stone and 2796 Quarrystone. There is a large pond (at least 2' deep) that has been created. (The ducks like it...) Repairs will not start until next week. (The water has to drain first.) The pumps have been shut off so that the area can dry out.
04/24/18 Repair finished. Water to be turned on 4/25 and system brought up and tested.
04/19/18 Repair to start on Monday morning 4/23.
04/17/18 Access point manhole looked at inside. New crack evident. Will know more when they come back out, remove all of the water and old sealant, and run their diagnostic testing to verify no leakage after applying new sealant to the interior of the manhole.

04/16/18 2018 irrigation water was turned on by Settlers Irrigation on Monday 4/16. Shortly afterwards they noticed a leak coming from our access point manhole midway between the head gate and the pump house (at Chateau and Kubik). Water was shut back off. We will have to have the access point repaired again before turning the water back on.
10/04/17 Irrigation water due to shut off 10/6/17
06/09/17 Broken valve at 2579 N Waterstone Wy has been fixed.
05/05/17 Main line break repaired, pumps up and running again.
05/04/17 Major line break reported near the drainage area next to the Mormon Church
05/03/17 Valve repaired, pumps up and running
04/27/17 Broken valve at 2901 N Old Stone Wy - Pumps have been shut down so the repair can be done. (Estimated date: 05/03/17)
04/17/17 Irrigation water has been turned on for the year.
10/02/16 Water Shut Off Date 10/07/2016
07/11/16 Several storm drains are overflowing on Park Stone, Whitestone and Old Stone. This does not effect Fieldstone Meadows Irrigation.  

The origination issue has been discovered. Apparently there is a Settlers irrigation pipe running under the Park Stone property. Settlers has turned off the head gate from the canal to that pipe and the water should be receding. They should be out tomorrow to start the excavation of the tree roots. 

There was so much excess water from the pipeline break, it was flowing into the storm drain and overflowing at a home on Whitestone and Old Stone.

06/08/16 Valve repaired, pumps up and running, no problems reported at this time
06/06/16 Broken valve at 2623 W Whitestone Dr - Pumps have been shut down so the flooded area can dry and the repair can be done.
05/06/16 Settlers Irrigation has posted on their website that they are currently addressing an emergency issue in their main canal which will affect all water users (40 subdivisions) and requires them to remove water from the canal. As far as we can tell, we still have water at this time; but that may change.
05/05/16 Valve repaired, pumps up and running, no problems reported at this time
05/03/16 Repairing a broken valve at 2636 W Bridgestone Ct
04/27/16 The pump company attempted to weld a patch around the hole but the entire pipe is rusted along the bottom.  For now there is a tight rubber band around it, sealed in place with a metal clamp and the system is ON. At some point (either during or after the season) we are going to have to replace the entire pipe; (it is made of steel, has a diameter of 12" and is about 4' long.)
04/22/16 Rust in one of the manifold metal pipes has caused a 2" hole (at the bottom where the water sits) and water is pouring out inside of the pump house.  Estimated time for repair (hopefully Wed 4/27).

Type of repair: They are going to attempt to weld on a patch to get us through this season and then replace the pipe after the season is over. It depends on how thin the metal has become surrounding the hole as to whether or not this will work.
04/03/16 Irrigation water for 2016 is due to be turned on sometime during the week of April 18th.
10/09/15 Settlers Irrigation has shut off the water 10/09/15.  The pumps have been shut down for the season.
08/02/15 Irrigation Repairs Assessment of $87.00 sent to all homeowners with irrigation to pay for the extensive repairs earlier this season.
06/12/15 Quarrystone valve replaced.  Water turned back on Friday afternoon.

Water turned off.  Quarrystone repair scheduled for 6/11 and 6/12.


Notification of broken valve and leak at 2764 N Quarrystone Pl.


Pump #1 is now operational and the system is functioning properly.  Burgess Pump replaced the sub-turbine and the motor and the check valve.


Settlers Irrigation turned on the water again and this time the tanks filled properly.  No leaks noted.  2 out of 3 pumps are turned on, and no calls so far about any excess water anywhere.  At this point the water is on and pressurized.

However, pump #1 is currently non-operational and does need a replacement part installed next week, but pump #2 is working and water is available. The pumps will be shut off during that installation procedure, but it shouldn't be for more than one day.


Sidewalk near access point repaired.


Settlers Irrigation turned on the head gate and water came into the system.  The pump house tank floor crack seal repair held.  No leaking observed.  Small leaks still evident at the access point.  More sealing done by A1 plumbing.  Later in the day, no more leaks were observed.  The entire system was jetted with water and flushed for excess mud removal.

Attempted to turn on the pumps, but something is not working right.  Water is not moving from tank 2 to tank 1.  The removal of the excess mud had revealed problems with the clearwater screen and spray wands that needs to be taken care of by Burgess Pump.

They will fix that problem on 5/13. Water shut back off.

Sidewalk near access point to be repaired by AARD Cement on Thursday 5/14.


1st and 2nd problem repaired. The pump house crack in the floor and the access point crack have been sealed with a waterproof membrane and will be tested tomorrow.


A1 Plumbing finished their diagnostic on the access point (Problem 1); simple break at the seal, and (Problem 2) crack discovered in the bottom of the tank that holds the water.  The areas will be resealed early next week.


A1 Plumbing scheduled to start their diagnostic (which will include digging out the dirt around both areas by hand, using a water jet to put water in the lines to see where the leaks are coming from by using their cameras) tomorrow 5/8/15.  Then they will then give us information after the diagnostic is done.


A1 Plumbing is in the process of getting permits for working near utility lines etc...


1st and 2nd problem - working with A1 Plumbing to have repairs started. (Tentative start date for repairs week of 5/4/15)

04/28/15 3rd problem repaired.  The isolation valve was replaced, (this is a valve that when you turn it, it closes the line from that point on so that all of the homes beyond that point do not have water).  When it was turned this year, it broke off.

2015 irrigation water was turned on by Settlers Irrigation on Friday, 4/24/15.  Shortly afterwards they noticed a leak coming from one of our access points midway between the head gate and the pump house:

Leak coming out from half way access point. (Problem 1)

Several hours later, the puddle came back next to the pump house where it had been last year.  This year though, since the pumps had not been turned on yet, we knew definitively that the leak was coming from underneath the building and not from a leak involving the mechanical equipment inside.  This is a serious situation; if the water continues to leak a sink hole may eventually be created.

Leak coming out from under the pump house building. (Problem 2)

Settler's irrigation asked us to turn on the pumps to see if the flow of water at the access point would lessen.  We turned on the pumps and went over to check the access point.  The water flow had lessened but not stopped completely.

Meanwhile, back in the pump house, the computer monitor had the wrong value on it.  It usually reads 60 psi for the water pressure but it only said 9.5 psi.  Sure enough, water was just dribbling out of our sprinkler heads.  But something else was also wrong.  The flow meter said that over 200+ gallons per minute were being pumped into the lines so where was the water going?  

We would have to wait to find out where all that water was going. We drove up and down the streets that have homes with irrigation water, but there was no water moving near the curbs.

Right before dark we received a call that a backyard on Whitestone was completely flooded. (Problem 3) We drove right over to take a look.  With over 1 foot of water covering a third of the backyard, all of the irrigation water was going right there, stopping the system from properly pressurizing and making it unable to give water to any of the homes.  

We immediately turned off the pumps, which of course made the flow of water from the broken access point increase and thus we had to call Settler's to have them close the head gate again. They drove over after 9 pm and did that.

So now there are at least 3 things to have repaired before we can try and attempt to operate the pumps once again.

Any status changes will be posted here and on our Facebook page.  Please use city water until the system is up and running for this year.

04/01/15 Irrigation water for 2015 will be at the pump house the week of April 20th.  However, a leak was discovered last year which may need to be repaired before the system can be turned on.  There is no estimate as to how long the repair will take as we do not know where the water is coming from at this point.
10/10/14 Irrigation water for 2014 will be shut off on 10/10/14
05/05/14 Small puddle outside of pump house is growing into a larger puddle.  There is a possible leak under the pump house.  The question is what and where.  Unable to determine source of puddle.
04/30/14 Water has arrived to our main line.  Our tanks are full and the irrigation pumps are turned on.
04/24/14 Settler's Irrigation has no water in the canal that our water comes from.  While working, a private contractor broke a major Settler's pipeline between Ten Mile and Black Cat.  There will be no water in the south side ditch or any of the lateral canals off of that ditch until the pipe is repaired. (Est. date of repair:  04/25/14)  (~40 subdivisions currently without water.)

Once the pipeline is completely repaired Settler's will allow water to enter that ditch from Five Mile Rd. extending past Black Cat Rd. to the end of the line.  The entire ditch needs to fill up with water before any of the lateral canals west of Five Mile can have their water.  (Est. time to completely fill with water 1 to 2 days.)  When the ditch is full Settler's will begin to open up the head gates for each subdivision one at a time.

Our pumps will be turned on as soon as our head gate has been opened and water is in our pipelines.  Notification will be given when the water is finally available.

04/03/14 Flow meter on order to upgrade the pump system.  Should be installed by 04/24/14.
09/05/13 Due to drought like conditions, the last day of irrigation water is 9/5/13.
07/20/13 The water is off and on. When the temperature is very hot like this, more homes tend to try and water around the same time. This causes the pumps to shut off for 30 minutes so that the water can refill in the tank. This happens over and over as demand increases.
05/09/13 Repairs have been made and the irrigation water is back on. 
05/08/13 Gusher reported at 2517 Waterstone, irrigation will be down for everyone while the repair is being made.
05/02/13 Repairs have been made and the irrigation water is back on. 
04/30/13 Irrigation will be down for everyone while the repairs on Waterstone are being made.
04/27/13 Leaks reported at 2601 Waterstone and 2618 Waterstone.

Irrigation water has finally been turned on for the year.


To report a leak, geyser or break please call.  If no one answers, please send an email ASAP to: so that we can shut off the water at the pump house.


If you are new to the neighborhood and do not know how to turn on your water, feel free to call or email.


You can also ask irrigation questions on our Facebook page:  FMHA FACEBOOK

10/05/12 Last day of irrigation water for the year is 10/5/12.  Water due to be on again the week of April 22, 2013
06/18/12 Leaks repaired.  Entire system operational once again.
06/15/12 Leak reported at 2602 Park Stone.  Irrigation will be down for some streets while the repair is being made.
05/21/12 Leaks repaired.  Entire system operational once again.
05/17/12 Irrigation leak on Leann Wy has been repaired.  New leak on Quarrystone Pl to be repaired on 5/21.
05/16/12 We still have a leak from the main line on Leann Wy. The home is near the pump house, so the pumps have been shut off completely to repair the pipe.
05/14/12 Leak reported at 2669 Leann Wy.  Irrigation will be down for everyone while the repair is being made.
05/02/12 Park Stone leak repaired.  Entire system operational once again.
04/26/12 Leak reported at 2482 Park Stone.  Irrigation will be down for some streets while the repair is being made.

Repairs have been made.  Irrigation water has been turned on for the year.

04/17/12 The pumps were turned on and subsequently turned off when a broken faucet was revealed to be causing a large spraying leak in the pump house.  Currently waiting on repairs.
04/16/12 Irrigation water is due to be turned on sometime this week.  

An email will be sent to everyone on the email mailing list informing you when it has been turned on.

A notice will also be posted on our Facebook page.

10/04/11 Irrigation water due to be shut off for the year; 10/11/11
07/28/11 WATER IS ON FOR EVERYONE - The repair is holding so far.  Please email or post on Facebook if you do not have water for longer than a day.
07/27/11 Another leak at 2511 Whitestone drive - Pump has been shut down.  The repair has been made - the repair company wants to wait and turn the pump on in the morning. (7/28)

It's going to be hot the next couple of days, I suggest that while the water is running to water as deeply as you can. Do not fertilize when the weather is above 80º, it can burn the grass... 
07/23/11 WATER IS ON FOR EVERYONE - The 2nd repair is holding so far.

The repair for the large break near our drainage ditch behind the Mormon Church has not held.  It will need to be repaired again.  Water will be off at least until Saturday.


We turned off the valve allowing water to go to Whitestone and Park Stone.  All of the other streets SHOULD have water.


For the 29 homes on Whitestone and Park Stone - Please water with city water until the pipe is repaired.

07/16/11 WATER IS ON - The repair is holding.  The pumps have been turned on and are pressurizing the system.  When you turn on your water you may notice air coming out with the water, this is normal.    Please do not all water at the same time or the pump will shut off automatically.  Please water during your normal watering time.
07/15/11 The hole has been completely dug out, and the excess water was pumped out.  The pipeline has been repaired and we are waiting for the glue to completely set.  The irrigation system will be turned on Saturday to test if the new repair holds.  If all goes well, the system will be operational at that time.
07/14/11 The main line going under this telephone control box has sprung a leak.

This box is on a pathway on Park Stone.

We are waiting on the phone company to tell us if it is OK to dig out the dirt under it. The techs are going to spend the day digging.

We want to very much say a HUGE thanks to the Mormon Church for calling us to tell us we were flooding their parking lot. Had they not called we would have had NO idea what was wrong, and we could have spent thousands of dollars in trying to diagnose the problem.

07/13/11 Now we know why the pumps have no water... A large leak has been discovered near our drainage ditch behind the Mormon Church. Now that the problem has been identified, fixing it can begin...
  • At this time, the system is not pressurizing so there is not enough water for anyone to water...
  • I have called Settlers Irrigation to see if the problem is on their end and they say it is not.
  • There is no ETA on a solution at this time
05/30/11 Stripped valve at 2592 Waterstone.  System will be shut down on Wednesday 6/1/11. - Problem fixed, system back up.
05/18/11 All leaks repaired.  The system is fully operational.
05/17/11 Another leak was discovered at the site and they have repaired both leaks. The glue is going to set overnight and hopefully by Wednesday the 18th we will have water! Thanks for your patience!
05/14/11 The repair did not hold, the water has been turned back off.  The workers will attempt to repair the line again, probably on 5/16.
The workers turned off the water on 5/12 and had to dig down to the main 4" line at 2482 Park Stone.


They are waiting for things to dry out and then they are going to attempt to repair the line.

05/10/11 Main line leak at 2482 Park Stone Dr
05/02/11 Broken valve at 2561 Waterstone Wy
04/26/11 Leak at 2511 Whitestone drive. - Leak repaired.
04/15/11 Settler's Irrigation water due to open the head gate on APRIL 15, 2011,   Pumps to turn on APRIL 18, 2011
10/15/10 Last day of irrigation water 10/15/10.  Irrigation is shut off for the winter.
04/19/10 Leaks reported at 2535 Waterstone, 2826 Old Stone Way, 2500 Whitestone Dr
04/18/10 The water has been turned on.
10/15/09 System shut down for the Winter.  Irrigation water turned off 10/15/09.
05/23/09 Leak reported on Quarrystone Plc. - Possible shut down on that street.
05/07/09 Valve problem reported on Waterstone. - Possible shut down on that street.
04/21/09 The system is fully operational.
04/17/09 Leak at 2591 Whitestone drive.
04/17/09 The water has been turned on.  Please report any problems to 805-8122
04/07/09 Settlers says the water should be on around April 17th... 
10/08/08 The system has been shut off for the year as of 10/8/08.
07/31/08 The system is fully operational.
05/30/08 The system is DOWN.  There is a break in the line on Park Stone Dr...  
05/18/08 There are reports of the system going down a lot.  If you could keep track of 'when it is going down' (date and time).  We need to know when the demand on the system is high.  So users can choose to irrigate when it might go down or move to another time slot when the demand is lower.  
05/05/08 All homes now have water, the system is fully operational for the first time this year...
05/04/08 The fix did not hold, it needs to be repaired on Monday. (6 homes on Old Stone still do not have water)
05/03/08 All of the broken valves have been repaired.  We are waiting for the glue to dry and then the system will be brought online.
04/30/08 The broken line on Whitestone Dr. has been repaired.
04/25/08 There is A BROKEN VALVE on the irrigation line.  Work will continue until the system is running smoothly.  Some homes have water...  The replacement part isn't due to arrive until 05/01/08.
04/25/08 There is a broken line on Whitestone Dr.  It has been dug out and will be repaired on 4/30.  Homes in that area do not have water...
04/08/08 Settler's Irrigation water due to turn on APRIL 16, 2008,   Pumps to turn on APRIL 17, 2008 Thursday
09/10/07 Settler's Irrigation water shut off date is 9/17/07.
08/27/07 Nampa Meridian water district shutting off water on Sept 1.  We use Settler's Irrigation water.  This should not effect our subdivision...
06/08/07 Error code at the pump house.  Reset code and pump started up... System was down for the afternoon.
05/07/07 Main line break on Whitestone fixed.  Valve leak on Leann repaired.  All homes have water once again.
05/01/07 Main line break on Whitestone.  Section turned off involving homes on Whitestone and Old Stone Way until at least Saturday 5/5.
04/20/07 System up and running for the year.  Valve leak on Leann.
04/18/07 Attempted to bring up the system.  Computer not working correctly or water pressure too low.  Meeting scheduled with Settler's and Burgess Pump for morning of 04/20/07 to test that the water in our ditch is set at the right flow.
04/09/07 A-1 has sent the final billing statement.  The total is $10,553.00.
04/03/07 Settler's says that they are not at full capacity yet as far as the water filling up in the canals and the little inlets.  They won't start turning on irrigation water to anyone until the 16th and many others until after the 18th.  
04/02/07 Water is going to be released into the canals on Monday April 2nd
03/28/07 A-1 has completed the flushing.  They had a hard time cleaning out the section of the line between Kubik and the pump house.  Last week they thought there was an access or hole in the line.  The jetter was getting stuck and sounded like it was going under water.  We had them run a camera down the line.  They found out that there was not an access point.  The camera was able to go about 450 feet before getting stuck in the mud.  It took 4500 gals of water to break through the mud.  The line at this point was about half filled with mud.  Our problem was not at the head gate.  The mud had flowed down the line and when the water flow slowed down the mud settled.  Now the whole line is cleaned out.
03/24/07 A-1 completed as much as they could by about 1 or 2 pm.  They ran into a problem on the last section.  They could only clean about 250 feet from Kubik towards the pump house.  They ran into something like a hole.  They think it might be an access point or break in the pipe.  Monday morning A-1 is going to bring a camera.  The camera is spendy.  It will cost $300.00 per hour.  Hopefully this will take less than an hour.  It will give us an idea of the problem and where it is located.
03/23/07 A-1 to finish the flushing today.  They need access to the pump house.
03/20/07 A-1 should start doing the flushing today.  They need access to the pump house.
03/19/07 Decided to install access point across the street where there is no tree.  A-1 starting on the access point.  Once they complete the access point, they plan on flushing the line and fixing the access point on Baystone.  All the work should be done by the end of the week.  Settlers has also cleaned out and fixed the head gate.  Now our head gate is just like Turtle Creek's.

Install new access point: $7925.00
Flush pipelines:     $3000.00-$6000.00
Fix old access point:   $400

Landscape new access point:  $500.00-$1000.00

11/12/06 The survey company identified two new access points for our irrigation line.  One access point in the backyard of 2360 W. Chateau is an old irrigation box. This irrigation box looks like an old head gate.  It looked like our irrigation line runs from the head gate to this irrigation box.  The line makes a 90' turn into another access point about 6 feet to the north in the backyard of 2363 Baystone.  The line makes another 90' turn to the west toward the access point in the backyard of 2411 Baystone. Our pump house is at 2411 Baystone.  So our irrigation line has 3 90' turns.

There is about a foot of mud in each of the access points and about 3 or 4 inches of mud in the line.  The head gate is about 6 feet deep and half of it is filled with mud.  I do not know if there is a big pile up of mud in the line.  I assume there might be close to the head gate.  We will need to clean out the mud in the access points and in the line.  Settlers is to clean out the head gate.  Settlers need to change the head gate so the mud will not build this bad.

The survey company has marked Kubik street where the line crosses the street.  The elevation of the street is 2572 feet.  The elevation of the head gate and all the access points are 2574 feet.  This means that any access point on Kubik street will need to be at least 2574 feet.  To be confirmed with the excavator.
11/11/06 GPS waypoints - 

Head gate: Lat 43 37.590 N - Long 116 25.117 W - 

Access Point: Lat 43 37.590 N - Long 116 25.407W

Kubik St: Lat 43 37.590 N - Long 116 25.260W

11/06/06 The survey company has finished the survey of the irrigation line.  They have marked the possible location of the crossing of the irrigation line on Kubik and put the elevation on the different areas.  They emailed a satellite photo with the location marked.  They found another possible access point.  Cost of survey $600.00
10/13/06 Irrigation water has been turned off for the year as of 10/13/06.
10/09/06 Burgess replaced broken valve.  System repaired and is UP again.
10/04/06 Pump House Status:  Water on the floor - East wall wet - Water dripping off the ceiling - Water spraying from a hole in the South pump.  The SYSTEM is currently turned OFF for repairs.
07/27/06 Irrigation water runs good during the day, but at about 9:15 pm it goes off. It does start right up 30 min later, but then goes down again around 10:00 pm. Too much demand on the system at sundown.  There has been a suggestion to put an access point on the main line at Kubik St.  This fall when the line is empty we can send a camera through the line almost 1500 feet.  We may be able to identify if we have any trees blocking the line.  If we do have a tree blocking the line, we will have to dig up and fix the pipe.
07/11/06 Irrigation meeting held at 7:30.  Residents from 14 homes attended.  Alternate watering schedules were suggested.  Excellent ideas were discussed for solving our current problems.  Various questions were answered and there was a slide show illustrating the pump house and the location of the line.  Future options were discussed.
07/05/06 A special irrigation meeting has been scheduled for July 11th at 7:30pm at the Meridian Assembly of God Church on Linder. (1830 N Linder, Building 3)

Homeowners can ask questions and learn about what is going on.  Mailing meeting information postcards to all irrigation homeowners. 

07/03/06 Burgess pump installed new auto restart device.  Replaced breaker on large VFD.  Tightened wires on AUX 1 pump and it is now running.  Pump still shutting off intermittently.  No telephone calls received all weekend long.  Auto restart device is working as planned.
06/27/06 Water will only stay on for a couple of hours at a time.  Advice from sprinkler company for any information regarding how to deal with the 1400 foot clogged pipe.  He mentioned digging down at the center point to create a temporary access point for dealing with the problem.
06/26/06 Phone call with Settlers.  The baffle regulating the flow of water is 'not causing the problem' according to Settlers.  The orifice plate needs to be installed at the head gate this fall.  Oren is going to check the head gate and 90º access point behind the pump house.  He recommends flushing it from both ends.  He says if the pipe is PVC it is probably a blockage.  If the pipe is concrete, it could be tree roots.
06/25/06 Have ordered 'automatic restart' device from Burgess Pump.  Currently various board members have to visit the pump house daily to restart the pumps whenever they shut off due to high demand.  Try not to water during peak hours.  (Sunrise)  If the water is always 'off' when you are trying to water, try resetting your timers to a later hour.  
06/16/06 Meeting at pump house with Roto-Rooter.  Quote of $8000. to pump out the main line during this time of year.  Might have to wait until fall when the canal is empty to flush out this line. 
06/12/06 Have to get quotes from plumbing companies to root out the main line from the head gate to the pump house.  The line is 1395 feet long and 12" diameter.  Our pumps are not receiving an adequate amount of water to function properly.  Cleaning this pipe will hopefully solve that problem.
06/07/06 No breaks or leaks in two weeks.  Pump continues to shut itself off when the water level gets too low.  Working with Burgess Pump to assess the problem.  Water is off and on frequently.
05/25/06 Meeting at pump house to discuss mechanical operation procedures.  The pump has been shutting off in the early morning when the demand is greatest.  It has to be manually restarted each time.
05/22/06 We may have to clean out the main line leading from the canal head gate to our pump house.  We will experiment with different water pressure configurations to verify if that is the problem.
05/19/06 Settlers checked and there was some trash in the gate, that may have been causing the low water problem this week.  The system is up and running at full steam now.
05/18/06 System shut itself down 5 times.  Only 5 people irrigating.  Burgess says pump is fine.  
Might be a problem from Settlers End.  Settlers to come out and inspect canal valve.
05/16/06 Low pressure reported.  Too many people using the system at one time, Pump shuts down automatically and was manually restarted.
05/14/06 Section of Old Stone and Whitestone still down, repairs should happen on Monday
05/13/06 Pump house brought up, Water back on most sections Saturday Evening.
05/12/06 Repair parts for the 6" main line have arrived.  Pipes have been repaired
05/08/06 System shut down.
05/07/06 Irrigation leak 2575 Park Stone.
05/07/06 System brought fully online.  Waiting for repair parts to arrive.
05/03/06 Burgess Pump Arrived to change the pressure down to 65 psi
05/02/06 Irrigation leak 2829 Old Stone.  (system shut partially down)
05/02/06 Irrigation leak 2826 Old Stone.  (system shut partially down)
05/02/06 Irrigation leak 2944 Old Stone.  (system shut partially down)
04/28/06 Leak repaired.  System fully operational 8PM
04/24/06 Irrigation leak 2591 Whitestone.  (system shut down)
04/21/06 Irrigation water is now available.
03/16/06 Burgess Pump installed new pump.

 Irrigation Map 

The Fieldstone Meadows irrigation system is a privately owned system consisting of a pump house, pumps and irrigation mainlines which supply the last two developmental phases (IV and V) of the subdivision with pressurized irrigation. The homeowners who receive this irrigation are billed annually by the association to cover the expense of the maintenance and operational costs, as well as the water usage fee paid to Settlers Irrigation and the electricity paid to Idaho power. The pump house is located adjacent to the property on the easement of 2411 W Baystone Dr.  If your address is not on this list, the home does not have irrigation.

Homes with Irrigation

Picture of map showing mainline pipe from head gate to pump house.

[click picture link above to see picture of map showing mainline pipe route from head gate to pump house]